Top Ways To Consume CBD

Cannabis or marijuana was a medicine used right from the ancient times. Since it has the property to make the user psychoactive and also because it is categorized as a schedule I drug, the modern medicine never added cannabis products in their prescription. However, long studies and research on cannabis made it clear that it is cannabidiol that is providing the health benefits to the user. After this discovery, the scientists found the methods to extract CBD from the plants of cannabis family.

Presently, in most of the places it is legal to use CBD products derived from the cannabis sativa plant. CBD is currently trending among people because it is effective in the treatment of many diseases like epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, migraine, etc. The main advantage of CBD is that, it can be consumed in many different ways. Some of the top ways to consume CBD and different CBD types used by the people are as follows.

Oral Consumption

The most common method of infusing CBD is through oral consumption. It is considered as the most convenient method of having CBD by many people. It is the best method to properly administer the dosage of CBD products. Some of the commonly used CBD products for oral consumption are as follows.

  • CBD Pills

CBD pills or CBD capsules are one of the products that came to the market in the beginning stage. It is one of the most popular products because it is a pure CBD product that can be consumed very conveniently. CBD pills are soft gels filled with pure CBD oil. It is available in different doses. Most of the CBD pills are vegan friendly because its outer shell is made with plant based gelatin. People who are suffering from severe conditions like epilepsy are using CBD pills because it is available in strong dose and it is easy to consume.

  • CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are a combination of sugar gummies and CBD oil. It looks and tastes like normal sugar candy but will provide the medicinal benefits of CBD to the users. This product is also available in different doses but the market demand is high for mild CBD gummies. These gummies are designed for those people who cannot have CBD pills but is in need of the same because of their medical issues. It is mostly used by children, people working in offices, athletes, etc.

  • CBD Coffee

It is a blend of normal coffee and CBD. Most of the people start their day with a cup of coffee. This is because it can give them energy and will make them more active. Therefore the manufacturers have started to mix CBD in coffee because it gives them extra boost to start the day. It is also effective in making the user mentally and physically strong. CBD coffee can also help people to suppress problems like stress and anxiety and can make them more confident and concentrated.

Sublingual Application

Sublingual application is an evolved form of oral consumption. The difference between these two methods is that during oral consumption, CBD is eaten like other pills or edibles but in the latter, CBD is dripped under the tongue to skip the digestion process. Some of the commonly used CBD products for sublingual application are as follows.

  • CBD Oil

It is the purest form of CBD because it is made directly from the hemp plant. It is pure not in the sense of the composition of CBD but because it has only CBD extract and a carrier oil as ingredients. CBD oil is used for making many CBD products like pills, gummies and chocolates. It can be consumed orally and also by sublingual application. Sometimes CBD oil is used as a flavoring agent in foods. The main attraction of CBD oil is that it will stay in the systems of the user for longer than any other CBD products. Since it is not very convenient to consume, the number of users for CBD oil is less than pills and other edibles.

  • CBD Tincture

It is a liquid form of CBD like CBD oils. However, there is a big difference between these products because tinctures are alcohol based and the other is oil based. Unlike CBD oil, tinctures cannot be used in different ways because it is exclusively made for sublingual application. CBD tinctures are available in different doses and in different flavors like orange, lemon, chocolate, etc. Most of the CBD tinctures are made with CBD isolate extract; therefore, it is a pure CBD product in terms of the concentration of CBD.


When we talk about cannabis derived substances, first method of consumption that most of us will think of is smoking or vaping. This is because cannabis or marijuana is infused in this manner. Inhalation is the best method of having CBD because it can give faster results compared to other CBD products. However, this method is not always promoted because it can lead to some respiratory issues in some people. The products that are used to infuse CBD through inhalation are as follows.

  • CBD Vape Pen

Vape pen is a device that converts liquid CBD into vapor form. It is a handy device similar to an e cigarette. This tool is powered by a battery and has a knob that gets heated when the device is turned on. Vape pens commonly use CBD vape juice as the fuel. There are mainly two types of vape pen. One uses CBD juice filled cartridge and this cartridge must be replaced when the juice is used up. The other type of vape pen allows the user to manually refill the CBD chamber.

  • CBD Dab

The process of dabbing CBD is almost similar to that of CBD vape pen. Dab is a solid form of fuel and includes wax, crystals and shatter. Dabbing can be done only with the help of a device called dab rig. CBD dabbing is different from vaping because former uses solid form of highly concentrated CBD while the latter uses liquid form of mild CBD products for inhalation. Since it uses more potential CBD products, users must be careful to not get overdosed. It has been found that CBD isolate powder can also be used a dabbing fuel.  

  • CBD Buds

CBD buds are also known as CBD flower. It is not a CBD product but the dried form of hemp flower. Since it is in the raw form, it contains many other elements like terpenes, CBG, etc. The flower is the most abundant source of CBD in a hemp plant. Therefore, CBD buds will be highly concentrated. Even if it is in the unprocessed form, it will not have more than 0.30 percent of THC. Most of the people are using CBD buds for smoking like using cannabis flower. However, some people are using it to make their own CBD edibles and vape juices.

Topical Application

CBD is not only used for the treatment of diseases inside the body but also for those outside like skin issues. Presently, many cosmetic companies are producing CBD infused topical products and hair care products because of its efficiency in repairing the skin. Some people are also using it topically to manage pain and inflammation. Some trending CBD topical products are as follows. 

  • CBD Cream

Most of the skin damages are caused by inflammation and oxidation. CBD is a good anti inflammatory agent. It also has an effective deoxidization property. Hence it can be effectively used in the treatment of most skin diseases. This is the reason for the emergence of CBD creams. It is used by many people for the treatment of conditions like redness, dryness and acne. It can also be used for removing wrinkles on the skin caused due to aging. Some users have reported that CBD can act as a cure for conditions like psoriasis. CBD cream is a perfect product for people with sensitive skin to get protection from environmental threats like dust.

  • CBD Salves

It is a highly concentrated CBD product used for managing pain and inflammation. Even though it is used to apply over the skin like CBD creams, there are lots of difference in its texture, and function. CBD salves are an oil based CBD product and it is effective in controlling and curing pain caused by inflammation and also due to nervous damage. When it is rubbed over the skin, it will get into the inner layer through the sweat glands and other pores. Even though it has the properties to repair skin, it is not commonly used for such purposes.

  • CBD Serum

It is a liquid form of oil based CBD product. It is different from CBD oils because it contains many other ingredients and flavoring substances along with highly concentrated CBD. It is a multipurpose topical product because it can be used for both the treatment of skin damages and also for pain management. Since it contains high concentration of nutrients like protein and fatty acids, it is used for the nourishment of skin. It is also more effective compared to other CBD topical products because it gets into the skin faster than creams and salves.

The above mentioned are some of the common methods of consuming CBD. Even though all these methods are equally effective, inhalation is more efficient in providing a faster result because it gets into the bloodstreams directly. However, oral consumption is better in people who are suffering from chronic pain because it will help the user keep CBD longer in their systems.

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