Basics About Augmented Reality

Technologies Used In Software Development
Technologies Used In Software Development
Latest Software Technologies
Latest Software Technologies

When we talk about the trending computer programs and the latest software technologies to learn, all our discussions will conclude at augmented reality. We might have seen in movies and television shows that some data floating in the air. During those times, it was mere fantasy but the programmers have made it a reality in this 21st century. This article is a brief discussion about augmented reality and the ways in which it can help people in their daily life.

What is Augmented Reality

The term augmented reality is derived from the word augment which means to make something greater or more attractive by adding something to it. As the name suggests, it is the basic function of augmented reality. It is a method by which people can alter their surrounding by adding some digital elements to it. It is made possible by imposing a digital image into the view of a person to enhance the experience of reality. In simple words, it is the method of bringing the images on a computer screen to the real world.

How Is It Different From Virtual Reality?

When we hear about augmented reality, most of us would think that it is similar to that of virtual reality, but the truth is, both are entirely different. The only similarity between AR and VR is that both can give a different digital experience to the user. Virtual reality is the process of placing a real person in a digital world while augmented reality is the method of bringing digital images to the real world. A person can experience VR by connecting their mobile phones to a VR box while they will need devices like Google glass to enjoy AR effectively.

 What Are The Applications Of AR?

There are numerous applications for augmented reality. Firstly, it can give people a new segment of digital entertainment like never before. This technology can be effectively utilized by architectures and builders to make their designs more beautiful. It can also help them in deciding the type of building suitable for different landscapes. It can be effectively utilized in medical field to analyze the patient and also help the doctors in the treatment of critical injuries.

The above mentioned are some of the basic things to know about augmented reality. If you are a programmer and if you are planning to learn something new, it is better to undertake AR courses because it can open unlimited opportunities in the upcoming future. 

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