Want To Automate Your Business Process? What You Should Know!

The world of commerce is ever evolving with new advancements such as cloud based business management softwares. So much has the need grown that business owners are on the lookout for the best company management software. But one aspect of your business that requires even more attention is Business Process Automation…

Business process automation or BPA has become a necessary strategy for many businesses. As the scale of the business grows, it becomes all the more cumbersome. Automating processes helps in order to cut the extra costs and better utilize the company’s resources. As we finish with this decade, we can expect newer innovation to come to light.

What Are Kind Of Processes That Are Leaning Towards BPA?

Well for starters, many of the HR functions that includes on boarding, employee training, new applicant tracking and many more. The crux of a BPA is anything that involves routine tasks such as intake, manual handoff or approvals.

Almost all fields have enjoyed the process of business automation. Right from automotive and electronics manufacturing sector to medical and law enforcement fields! All industries utilize automation atleast to some degree.

It is important that you are aware and educated of the benefits and the detriments when it comes to employing aspects of business process automation in your company…

The Pros

The list of pluses when it comes to BPA is long! There is more than a single way of using business automation which could be customer service or data processing. Business process automation can be used universally, in every sense of the word!

  • Efficient

There are plenty of repetitive tasks that can chew into plenty of time. Now if these are handled by automated systems that conduct these repeated tasks, they can be completed much faster, and in a more efficient manner. You can then redirect employees and resources to devote their time and expertise for something else entirely! A win-win situation any way you look at it!

  • Reduces Mistakes

If you were made to do the same task over and over, day after day, you would begin losing focus. This drop in focus means there will be an increased chance of you making mistakes, and the productivity greatly suffers from it. Then there will be a need to go back and rectify it.

So even a quick, easy to do task will have to be repeated multiple times, reducing the likeliness of it returning on investments. Business automation makes matter more convenient and takes away the monotonous task away from employees. They can then put their focus on other tasks on their schedule. They will Thank you!

  • Quick To Work And Convenient

If a customer or an interested party seeks your businesses expertise, it is likely that they require your attention and in most occasions, fast! Now what happens if the lines of communication are chocked, and you can’t get back to them in the time frame? They walk away and reach out to somebody else. You lose customer like this! You lose revenue this way!

Simple installing an automated system like a Chatbots will ensure that someone is always on the lookout to address the need of those who reach out to you. This gives you a greater window of time to respond to their needs and act accordingly.

Pros Cons
Efficient Lacks a human touch
Quick to work May result in job lose
Low chances of error Constant tweaks needed

The Cons

Now although BPA helps take off the weight off the shoulders, there are certain issues that need to be looked at. This is to make sure that BPA remains and asset and not a liability to you and your business. There are some tasks that are too complicated for machines to carry out, or that it needs a “human’s touch”. In such cases automated systems are limited in its design and can be limited to only what it is tasked to do…

  • Can Be Used Only Sparingly

There are many processes that can be automated, but if done so would end up as a disaster. This is true for more complex issues. Most of the people that contact you or your business would want to be intimated by a human, and if an employee is available at that time it wouldn’t be a bad thing. Remember, Business process automation should only supplement human contact, not replace it!

  • Does This Mean People Losing Jobs?

By far one of the biggest concerns that plague both owners and employees is: Will I be irrelevant?

If the job entails system based, repetitive tasks then sadly that is a resounding “Yes”. But to make these system and automation processes, people are needed. So even though jobs are lost, it will create new one as the situation demands.

  • Constant Tweaks

The automation process is not full-proof. There is a constant need to adapt to the changes happening all over and this is reflected in the headache of making alterations to these systems. Minor tweaks or major chances have to be coded in, tested and finally implemented. This is time and resource consuming!

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