Software Technologies You Should Learn This Year

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Technology keeps evolving at a quick pace. A programming language or technology trending this week in the market is likely to be virtually outdated some weeks down the line. To keep abreast with the fast development, it is important to continue to learn the newest technological concepts. Keep reading for a list of the latest software technologies to learn for you.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is utilized to equip computers with the capability of making choices, similar to human beings. The goal of using AI software for computers is to emulate human intelligence, to do complex tasks like pattern recognition, weather forecasting, medical diagnosis, and speech recognition.

Navigation apps, voice assistant programs, search engines, streaming services, and IoT devices all utilize AI. It helps to automate tasks such as train scheduling, business decision making, and driverless vehicle designing.

Intelligent Applications

These are apps that work with components of AI, like machine learning, data analytics, deep learning, and robotics. These apps simplify decision making, on the basis of historical data or live data.

Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant are three of the examples of these applications. Companies like Amazon, Oracle, and Google putting money into the applications, is likely to make several job opportunities down the road. Each popular intelligent software development company is certain to get big paychecks.


It is the technology that forms the basis for digital forms of money, like cryptocurrency. Think of blockchain as a digital ledger, which is shareable among multiple users. This aids in recording the sorts of transactions that are impossible to be changed. Every single one of the records is not just time-stamped, but it is also connected to the earlier one.

So, whenever a fresh transaction is included in this ledger, it will be stored in the form of one more block present in the transaction chain. This is the reason why the trending technology is called blockchain.

There exists an increase in careers in the blockchain field, which will make the following job positions.

  • Blockchain Engineer
  • Blockchain Developer
  • Blockchain QE (Quality Engineer)
  • Blockchain Attorney or Legal Consultant

It is easier to monitor financial transactions with technology. Blockchain would be updated if different contributors of the ledger are on the same page about the update process. In the event of fresh data being fed into one block, the data becomes unremovable.

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