Top Artificial Intelligence Software For Android Devices

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Manager Accounting Software
Artificial Intelligence Software For Android
Artificial Intelligence Software For Android

Artificial intelligence is finding its way into different aspects of mobile phone technologies as it enhances the experience of using these devices. They augment many of our tasks, increases efficiency, and in short provide perfect support to what we do. This became more common upon the arrival of devices with SOC’s (System on A Chip) that can run powerful AI algorithms. So, app developers began integrating AI features into their applications. Listed below are artificial intelligence software for android designed for various tasks.


The Socratic app is designed to help students organize their tasks like homework, and is especially useful in finishing their assignments before returning to school after vacation or holidays. It uses built-in AI coupled with the mobile phone camera to give hints or directions on approaching a homework or assignment. So, it reduces the time required to complete the task and the student can learn new techniques with the app.

Microsoft Pix

This is an AI-enabled photography application that lets you take photos like a professional photographer. Apart from this, it enables you to capture important details like business cards and documents.

ELSA Speak

English Language Speech Assistant (ELSA) is an AI-enabled application designed to improve the pronunciation of its users. This app is immensely useful for students in their English language education, especially spoken English which is part of many college and school curriculums. Because of this, it is one of the most popular and widely used English language learning apps.

Edison Assistant

This AI-enabled application is designed to ease your commute to the workplace, and it is a good alternative to other similar apps. It helps you to find the least time consuming and the shortest route to your destination. Apart from this, it helps with organizing the contacts list on your phone by removing the duplicate ones.

Easily Do

This is an AI-driven email app that is very much influenced by Apple’s default mail app and borrows a lot of features from Gmail and Inbox as well. It is available on both Android and Ios, with a primary focus on professionally organizing smartphone tasks and activities. With the built-in AI, it can easily prioritize tasks that are highly individual specific. Not only that, but the tasks are also consolidated and stored in one location so that they can be easily accessed at any point in time.

SwiftKey Keyboard

This AI-enabled text editing application learns the user’s writing style and suggests edits accordingly. This significantly reduces the time required to edit sentences, and thereby the entire text. Apart from this, the autocorrect feature is more accurate than other similar apps available in the Play store.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the latest software technologies to learn, as its integration in smartphone apps like the ones mentioned above is on the rise.

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