What Made Python The Most Trending Programming Language For Machine Learning?

Trending Programming Language
Trending Programming Language
Trending Programming Language
Trending Programming Language

Python is the most trending programming language for machine learning research and development, and this is corroborated by Github as well. Apart from this, data scientists also prefer it due to its simplicity. Moreover, many academicians consider it to be the ideal language for teaching programming to children. As a result of these reasons, people in many fields are learning it to improve their programming skills as AI software and applications are becoming ubiquitous.

In the last 2 to 3 years, more AI applications are used by people, especially mobile apps. This is because their hardware capabilities have reached the point where they can run machine learning algorithms onboard. This was also augmented with the availability of high-speed wireless internet with minimal latency. Due to this shift, amateurs, as well as professionals are more interested in Python for machine learning. Listed below are some reasons for its popularity.

Ease Of Use

The main reason Python is preferred for machine learning research and development is its ease of use. This is because, its syntax is easily readable, and hence simple; so, the codes are easy to understand making it ideal for machine learning models. Because of this, developers can focus on solving a problem and be less aware of the nuances of the programming language. As a result, it is equally preferred by students, as well as professionals. Due to these advantages, people with different skill levels of the language can easily collaborate in machine learning and AI projects. Above all, it is more efficient, i.e. more tasks can be achieved with fewer lines of code.

Availability Of Multiple Libraries And Frameworks

Due to the simplicity of Python, multiple libraries and frameworks are available for it. Listed below are some of the popular Python libraries for machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

  • TensorFlow: It is an opensource software library created by Google. It is used for machine learning applications like neural networks.
  • Keras: This is an opensource library developed with a focus on experimenting with deep neural networks.
  • PyTorch: It is an opensource machine learning library used for applications like natural language processing and computer vision.

Also, keep in mind that nowadays most artificial intelligence software for android is developed using Python.

Community And Corporate Support

Python has been there since the 1990s and because of this, there is huge community support. Moreover, it has support from corporates like Google, Facebook, Netflix, etc, because they use this language for product development.

Finally, Python is supported by popular platforms like Linux, Windows, and Macintosh, and this makes it suitable for a wide variety of software development purposes.

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