Why Software Development Is an Expensive Process

Are you are running a business and are looking forward to investing in advanced software systems? Are you feeling that the cost of software development is a bit high, though? Note that software development is no cakewalk and it requires a significant amount of time as well as financial resources to build such applications. Plus, it demands a thorough knowledge of your business along with the expertise of skilled employees. In order to give you in-depth knowledge about the factors that contribute to the overall cost of software, below are some of the few steps involved in the software development process.

Business analysis

As mentioned earlier, a thorough knowledge of your business is extremely significant to develop the right software. After all, not every business will be alike and so will be their workflow. No wonder, this is the first step in software development.

Database development

In this phase, the experts will check whether the organization has enough resources or databases to manage the company’s internal and external data. If your business lacks an adequate modern database, it has to be created.


When you develop software, you will have to stick to the processes, preferences, standards, and jargon of that particular industry. This is extremely important if you are doing a project in a new field.


Once the structure of your software is developed, the next step is to design both the user experience and user interface of the system. For this, make sure to craft a design that reflects your business objectives. Additionally, ensure that people will be able to use the software even without extensive training. In short, this stage is mostly about several prototypes and mock-ups.

Development phase

This is when the real software development will begin. At this time, the developers will figure out the total time required to finish the project by analyzing the complexity of the device or system. Additionally, you will have to decide on the right development process at this stage. Note that there are multiple development processes and each possesses its own unique set of pros and cons. You can choose the right option based on the type of your business and the effect of each process on it.

These are the basic or initial steps involved in the software development process. This is further followed by the steps given below. Note that it takes a lot of time to develop quality software. Hence, you might get an idea of why genuine software is expensive.

  • QA testing
  • Deployment
  • Training
  • Post-implementation support
  • Modification requirements

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